Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy Birthday, Grand!

Today is Grand's 80th birthday!!!!  I can't even believe that is true.  Dad doesn't look or act like an 80 year old.  He and Mom still go all the time and he is always there ready and willing to do whatever he can for anybody.  Andy and I are wearing him out this week, though.  Matt and I took Nana and Grand to a Memphis Redbirds game Tuesday, and then Andy's crew and I are taking them to see the Gaither Vocal Band in Jackson tonight.  Betty and the kids have to stay behind for Matt's t-ball game.  So have a great birthday, Grand!  You deserve it!  We love you!!!

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bettyb said...

Happy Birthday,Doyle,
80 gets younger every day,and it looks very young on you! It sounds like you are having a great week,and your "boys" are being very attentive for sure!
Have a great day.
Betty B. aka Betty Ward