Thursday, August 4, 2011

First Day

Today has been McKenzie's first day of 5th grade and Matt started kindergarten. It's hard to believe that summer is over and school is here and it is soooo hot! The kids were ready to go this morning especially Matt. Thank goodness after going Tuesday and meeting Matt's teacher he started getting excited about going to school. Matt's teacher is Cecelia Granholm. We are thrilled to get her. He is in a multiage class and we know that Mrs. Granholm is going to give him a great start to school.
I dropped McKenzie off first and we are not allowed to walk her in but we said our goodbyes in the car and she was off to her class. She was excited about seeing her friends. McKenzie is in a looping class where you have the same teacher for two years. We are so blessed to have Mrs. Christa King again. They are adding a third teacher to her group. She will go to Mrs. Montgomery (our new teacher) for Science and Mrs. Armstrong again this year for Math. McKenzie seemed more relaxed and confident this year, so we are thankful for that. I also think it helped her feelings to know that her brother was now in school all day and not half day then home for the rest of the day. I can't blame her!
After dropping McKenzie off at GUES, I found a parking spot near the Lower Elementary. Matt and I began our long walk to his class. I had a knot the size of Texas in my throat and I was praying I wouldn't see anyone that might make the water works start. I saw a few people but was able to keep it together. Matt was happy so that really helped make it a good drop off. We found his class and I sat him down at a table with one of his t-ball friends. Matt was content  and settled so I told him bye. I wouldn't look back at him one last time because I knew I would lose it for sure! So I got out of there fast and actually made it home before I lost it. I am doing better now and can't wait to go get them and find out all about their day. Lots of people have been prayng for us and we have all felt it today!  We appreciate it so much! Now for a few pictures. The first is one of Matt that I took with my phone. Ugh! Heartbreaking....what a little sweetie.

The next is one taken by a teacher friend at his school. She snapped it at lunch then texted it to us. He looks like he is doing great!

The next few pictures are taken right before we left for school. McKenzie and Matt were excited about their new backpacks and lunch boxes. McKenzie loves everything peace signs and Matt chose superheroes for his new backpack. Enjoy the pictures!!


bettyb said...

Okay,first of all,who is the cutie sitting next to Matt in the lunch room?! He looked very relaxed and like he was having a great day in all the pictures. All of the pictures are so good,and McKenzie and Matt,I am very proud of you for being excited and ready to go on your first day of school ~you too,Mom!!
Betty Ward

Jordan said...

Ughhhh.. are little Matt is growing up!
Nanny b is probably heartbroked:( don't get to eat lunch with Matt anymore!
My mama told me that Matt wants yo eat hotdogs tomorrow!!
And McKenzie is growing up to!! Before long she will have that boyfriend she keeps talking about! Haha.

I hope they have a great year!

Love, Jordan