Saturday, August 13, 2011

Trip to Cleveland

Saturday Betty and I decided to take the kids to Cleveland to go to the railroad museum, eat, shop, and show them where we went to college. 

Matt loves trains and I think Max is starting to like them, too.  Almost every time Matt plays trains now, Max sits right in the middle of the tracks.
We got to Cleveland for lunch and ate at Hey Joe's in The Warehouse District.  It's a remodeled warehouse area that now houses a restaurant (Hey Joe's) and bakery (The Sweetery) and a beauty shop.

 This was in front of The Sweetery.  It was a neat looking place.

 This is inside Hey Joe's.  The number on the wall is the number of burgers sold this year.  It's now at least 11,235 after my big cheeseburger!

 We went to The Sweetery after lunch for dessert.  I got a strawberry cupcake, McKenzie got an M&M cupcake, Matt got a cinnamon roll, and Betty got a whoopie pie which is the cream stuffed things in the picture above.

 After lunch the girls dropped Matt and me off at the railroad museum.  Matt really enjoyed watching the model trains.  It was really neat how they had all of the stuff set up.
 If you look in the top right-hand corner of this picture you'll see Miss Mississippi being interviewed by someone from WABG.  I texted Betty and told her that she and WABG were there if they wanted to come in for a minute and they did.
McKenzie got an autographed picture from Miss Mississippi and we got this picture of them together.

Here you can see Matt's true love.  Miss Mississippi is sitting five feet behind him and he couldn't care less!  He was all about the trains!

 At Hey Joe's

 Hey Joe's

After the museum and the girls' shopping we showed the kids the Delta State campus and showed them where Nana and Grand used to live and where Andy and Jan used to live.  We had a really good time!


bettyb said...

Oh,my, trains,Miss Mississippi,and food all in the same trip ~must have been heaven!! Pix are great,and it sounds like so much fun. Tell Max not to get quite so close to the tracks while he is napping!
p.s. Have a good week at school!! ~missed y'all today.
Betty Ward

Kellie Berry said...

Such a fun day! We'll have to try the food options next time we go!! I'm pretty sure it won't be as eventful as you guys' day but Truett will be in heaven no matter what!!!