Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Card Sessions

I wanted to share a few shots from some of my fall photo sessions this year.  It's always fun to take the pictures and then see what Christmas cards are created using them.  A couple of these that are included weren't really Christmas card sessions but I wanted to include them here anyway.

First up is the Fly girls.  Lynn was one of my first customers and I've done pictures for her every year for the last 7 years!  This year Katelyn told her mother that she hoped that I was still alive when she has kids so I can take pictures of them!  Ha!  Me too!

I took Lacy Hall's kids' pictures at the depot.  The last one I took ended up being my favorite.  It's the one of Logan by himself below.  We were actually finished and he had taken his shoes off and was sitting on that pallet putting them back on and I thought it was a good setting.

Marty's kids are always fun to work with as you can see from this shot...

 Jordan was like a model on a fashion shoot.  Every time I'd turn around she was saying, "Ooo, David, take my picture here!".

 Justin was a hoot with his pensive poses looking off into the distance contemplating life........or pie.

I took Cassie and Caleb's in Eupora while having Thanksgiving with Mom and Dad.  There's a neat tin building and brick building down by the railroad tracks.  Caleb was having trouble mustering up a smile so luckily I had Matt with me and he did a dance beside me to get him smiling.

Betty says this little dude is one of the cutest babies she has ever seen.  He was so happy the entire time - through three locations and three outfit changes and 50 degree weather.

This is BettyWard's house.  Love the decorations.  These were taken right at sunset.  This first picture required me to stand sideways as I took the picture so you couldn't see my reflection.  Hopefully I sucked my gut in enough!

Finally, our Christmas shoot.  Betty's vision was a card that said, "Santa, we've been good!", so sibling love and smiles were the goal.
 So far, so good......

 A little break for Matt to tell McKenzie what he wanted Santa to bring.

 Break time for silliness!

 Back to smiles and hugs!

And the clock strikes midnight!  A kid can only stand so much peace, joy, and happiness!

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bettyb said...

~so glad you did this post,and I'm honored that our home made the cut with all the cute kiddos. It is fun to see how much kids grow from yr. to yr. in pictures.Good job David ~and your able assistant!
Betty Ward