Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas With The Families

Another great Christmas has passed.  We did all the traditions - awesome supper at Marty and Kenny's and opening gifts with Betty's family on Christmas Eve, Santa on Christmas morning, and another great meal (with Nana's amazing apple pie) and opening presents with my family Christmas night.  We had fun with everybody!  We even had fun waking up at 4:30 Christmas morning!  Here are several pictures from all three events.

 Can you tell Matt was excited about opening presents?

 "People Are Strange"

 Santa was very nice to McKenzie and Matt.  He even remembered Nick!

Matt's main request this year was for 12 arrows and "stuff".  Santa came through!

 Nick was very curious about all the presents.  He has had a great time playing with Matt's toys!

I think she's excited!

Matt woke up at 4:30 Christmas morning and wore us down until we agreed to get up at 5:00.  It caught up with all of us at different times during the day.  Here, Matt and Nick finally got still and passed out.  I love how they mirrored each other!

 The Cummings family being served by Santa Matt.

I don't think any explanation is necessary for the next few pictures.  You should know by now that my family is crazy.

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