Saturday, January 7, 2012

Last Hurrah of 2011

The last two days of 2011, we went to Memphis for a final outing of the year.  We stayed at The Hilton on Poplar, which happens to be across the street from a Target.  What are the odds?  We went to a Memphis Grizzlies basketball game that night and had a good time watching them win.  We ate breakfast at Miss Polly's the next morning and did a little shopping and came home.  It was a fun way to send out the old year!  Here are a few pictures.

 The view from Heaven.  We were almost at the top, but really, in person it's not a bad view.

These two pictures were in front of the FedEx Forum.  Betty took these with her phone while I was taking pics for McKenzie with her iPod Touch.  I backed up so I could get the Forum in the shot better and almost got run over by a taxi!  
This was in the lobby of the hotel.  We've enjoyed our two stays there and it's our favorite hotel in Memphis right now.
This was the view outside our room's window.  We were on the ground floor and the wrap around pond was right outside our window.  Of course, the ducks were there outside the window when we woke up looking for our Dr. Dolittle!  
The kids loved the revolving door!  Matt called it "The Spininator"!

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bettyb said...

Finally an update! You were beginning to get on Davis's blog schedule which is not very prompt!! We have sat in the top of the Forum also,and it is too high for my liking, especially when the place was almost empty when we were there,and we could have sat much closer!
We've not stayed at that hotel in so long,but it looks really nice. Those revolving doors make me nervous.HA.
Betty Ward