Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Fun!

We've had a fun Easter weekend so far!  Since we were all off Friday, we went to Memphis to the zoo.  We had a great time!  Saturday, the kids went to the Easter egg hunt at the church.  Matt found the golden egg and won a gift card to McDonald's!  Here are some pictures from the two days...
The kids said this reminded them of BettyWard rubbing their backs on Sunday afternoons!

This was one of our favorites.  This little family was so funny!

I heard a little boy tell his daddy, "I saw a bald headed eagle!"

Matt loved the 18 foot python!

The meerkat butt-pillow

After looking at animals we went to The Side Porch to eat some!

Betty's front door

Matt found the golden egg!

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bettyb said...

What a busy few days you have had,but it looks like so much fun. ~not sure about the comment about the back rubs!!! I hope I don't look like that back rubber. HAHA. ~glad I was thought about tho; makes me feel good.I would NOT have liked the snake!! Matt,congrats on finding the golden egg. Who are you going to take to McDonalds with you?? I hope the Cummings family has a very happy and blessed Easter,and I will see you at Granny's ~for a good 'ole back rub!!
Betty Ward