Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pizzazz! Pops/Starquest

 Friday was the day of McKenzie's Pizzazz! Pops Concert. This was their end of the year show for the student body and parents. They did a show at 8:30 and 12:30. David and I went to the second show and enjoyed it so much. Pizzazz! performed a one hour show that included some of their songs from throughout the year plus a new dance number, Magic and a new Lion King medley. Also Mrs. Shute included those members who wanted do a solo, duet or small group song into the show. McKenzie and her friend Alissa sang "Temporary Home" by Carrie Underwood. Towards the end of the program they sang a school song Michael Jackson's" Heal The World" and the student body was invited to sing along with them. Here are some pictures from the concert and also a video taken from David's phone of McK and Alissa singing "Temporary Home".

Friday night after Matt's baseball game, we headed to West Memphis, Arkansas, for McK to participate in her first dance competition, Starquest on Saturday morning. We were all exhausted after arriving at our hotel but after a good night's sleep we were ready for the day. McKenzie is a student this year at Charisma Dance Co. and her teacher is Mandy Bell. Back in November she asked McKenzie if she would like to do a solo at a competition in the spring. McKenzie jumped at the chance because she has always wanted to do one. Mandy doesn't have a competitive team but she does select certain students to go to one competition in the spring. She also put together a trio with McKenzie and two other girls who would also compete. She also had one high school group that competed later that day. We had a blast. Poor little Matt - he was a trooper. I know he was bored at times but was so sweet to support his sister. Also a prize from Target lifted his spirits!  McKenzie's solo was at 9:00 so we had to be at the civic center at 8:00 to warm up. Thank goodness she was no. 4 so she could get it over with because she was one very scared little girl. She danced a contemporary jazz to "One of Those Days".  At 10:00 the duet/trio competition began and she, Kaitlyn and Gabby were first to perform their hip hop routine to "Dance for Life".  I am sad that we were not allowed to take pictures during the comp. as it is against the rules. But we did take a few with David's phone of everyone and one of McKenzie and Ms. Mandy afterwards.  At 12:00 it was time for the awards ceremony. McKenzie received High Gold for her solo and the trio received High Gold and second place overall in their category. They all did great and Mandy was so proud of them.
After we left West Memphis, we headed downtown to eat lunch at the Arcade. We actually got to sit in Elvis's booth. We have been many times and it is always taken so it was a treat to get to eat lunch there. We headed to Target for a few things then it was time to head home. We were one tired crew! Of course some people wouldn't admit they were tired but I have proof!

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bettyb said...

I typed on here yesterday,but for some reason it didn't "take". I am so proud of all your accomplishments~you have done a great job in everything. The video of your singing was so good,and y'all blended great. That isn't easy! I know Miss Mandy had to be very proud of the dances also. You are VERY talented. My 2 favorite pictures were the last two.HA.
Betty Ward