Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Container Gardens

I recently planted my containers for the summer. I really enjoy creating these every spring and fall. I am not much on planting flowers in the ground but I do like to grow pretty flowers in pots. It may sound weird but its something therapeutic about tending to and taking care of these containers. The lighting is not that great on the deck so I only did two containers back there but I did do four out front. I also found something new for my front door. Dana at Knicks created this cute burlap wreath for me. She let me pick out what color ribbons I wanted to use and then I chose a bird for the center. I love how it goes with the flowers that are near the front door.  Here are a few pictures...

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bettyb said...

Everything looks great! I love the containers,and the wreath is so cute. The bird is a nice touch,and I'll bet it shows up great from the street.I'm so glad you have that talent and are willing to share it with your aunt who does NOT!!