Saturday, May 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Grand!

Today (Saturday) is Grand's 81st birthday!  Grand is such a great dad and grand-dad.  He was always the one we would holler for when we were sick growing up.  Well, he was the one I would holler for - Andy never got sick.  Until just a few years ago he had not thrown up since 1978.  I'm sure your day is better for knowing that!  Back to Dad.  He always was willing to take us out to play ball or do whatever we needed.  He has continued to do that for the grandkids - breaking ice in his hands for Cassie, sitting in the floor and feeding ice cream to Caleb, pushing McKenzie around in a wheelbarrow, or playing with Matt on their playset.  Thanks for being such a great Dad and Grand! We love you!!!

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bettyb said...

I am a day late, but happy birthday, Doyle. I hope you had a very special day.
Betty Brister aka Betty Ward