Saturday, May 12, 2012

32 Years...

Matt's teacher, Mrs. Cecelia Granholm is retiring at the end of this school year. She has been teaching 32 years! I did my student teaching in first grade and can remember getting to know Cecelia during that time. She was a kindergarten teacher then too and I thought to myself that if I ever had a child she is the kindergarten teacher I would request. Little did I know eighteen years later she would teach my son.  She is an excellent teacher, creative and really motivates these kids to learn. This year has been such a blessing. I am sad that she is leaving and Matt won't get to have her in the first grade since this is a multi-age classroom, but I am sure they will put a great teacher in her place. Friday we had a little surprise retirement celebration for her. It was a great party and the children were actually able to keep it a secret. We all gave money for a gift for her. It was a pretty initial platter that she had been wanting. Mrs. Ross our assistant put together a little scrapbook made by the kids. It was really cute! I know Mrs. Ross was exhausted because she had taken care of every detail!  Another mother made the cake. Not only was it really cute but delicious, too. A fun time was had by all! Here are a few pictures I took with my phone.

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bettyb said...

I love seeing these pictures,and I'm so glad Matt got to have Cecelia. She and Kathryn Garner were teaching kindergarten many many yrs. ago in the little building behind Lizzie Horn when Davis went. She is a special lady for sure. The party looked first rate,and the cake was adorable. If you see this, Mrs. Granholm: happy retirement and now you get to keep Ralph busy with your honey do list!!!
Betty Ward