Friday, May 4, 2012


Today Matt had his school play. The title of the play was E-I-E-I-Oops! It was adorable. It was about a cow named Guernsey who couldn't moo and the other farm animals helped her gain confidence to moo again. Everyone sang and a few people had speaking parts. Matt played the part of Mr. Rooster. He  looked so cute in his costume. He was very expressive and didn't seem scared at all. The way they do things at GES is at Christmas time the first graders do a play and in the spring the kindergarteners do a play. There are 18 classes and Mrs. Wood has three classes each perform the play together. Mrs. Granholm's class performed the play with two other kindergarten classes today. The plays are under the direction of Meg Wood who is the K/1 music teacher. She does a wonderful job with the kids. Matt has been saying his parts for some time now. I think we all could recite them in our sleep! After the play, the students were presented a diploma for graduating from kindergarten.  It was a very sweet time! Afterwards we got to go down to Matt's room and check things out. I was so glad that I was able to check McKenzie out of class because she enjoyed watching her brother, too. Here are some pictures that David took this morning along with a little video he captured with his phone of Matt's part.

Matt receiving his diploma.

Matt's two best friends that he talks about all the time, Alantris and Quinn back in the classroom.

Matt and big sis!

Mrs Granholm and Matt.
He has had an awesome year with her and learned so much. Can't believe our kindergarten year is over! I wish we had gotten a picture of Matt and Mrs. Ross. She is Mrs. Granholm's and Mrs. Oakes's assistant. She is just precious and so much fun!

One last picture...early this evening Pizzazz! performed for the final time together at Relay for Life. We are going to miss this group. McKenzie has had a blast.

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bettyb said...

Matt, I just loved seeing all the pictures from your play,and your video is awesome of your speaking part! I know you had SO much FUN!! Good job. ~very proud of you for getting your diploma and being promoted to 1st grade. McKenzie, I hope you aren't too sad over not singing with Pizzazz any more. But you get to move on to the next choir,and I'll bet it will be fun too.
Betty Ward