Friday, August 30, 2013

Everyone at our house is so glad it's Labor Day weekend!! We have survived our first month of school.  I'm so thankful we have had a smooth transition back into our school routine. I am also thankful for great teachers this year, too. McKenzie has 6 teachers in 7th grade. She says she likes her schedule better this year in that classes change every 50 minutes and that helps the day go by much faster. Now we are trying to get use to Common Core. She is also a teacher helper during second period for our friend Emily Hatcher. She loves doing that!  McKenzie made the choir Starz for 7th. She is also taking dance again with Mandy at Charisma two nights a week.  She will begin classes next week.  Matt is in Looping and has Mrs. Keys for second grade. He will also have her again next year for 3rd. He was chosen for the LEAP program  and started this week and is really enjoying it. Beverly Waters is his teacher for that class which meets everyday during his specials time.
Here is McKenzie on school picture day. We love this day because she gets to wear what she wants and no boring uniform ha!

And Matt after school one day.

Someone misses his brother everyday and has to have lots of attention after school!!

Not much going on other than getting everyone back into their routines. This past week I was very happy to finally get my house painted!! We lined up a painter last fall and he never came and again this past spring a different painter and he never came. But finally we found someone and he did a great job. Here are a few "after pictures". I used the same colors. Our house really needed painting right after we moved in almost four years ago but we found other things that needed attention instead. It's nice to have a freshly painted house for fall!! The main thing I wanted was for my front door to be brought back to life and I think he did a great job. It was so tired and faded looking and now looks brand new.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

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bettyb said...

Well, I was beginning to think I was going to have to ask Liz to contact David about a lack of blog posting!!
The house looks great,and the door is wonderful. It looks like a new door,and I really didn't know that it needed attention. I know you feel good about freshening things up. ~cute pix of McK. and Matt. That boy is into his music. He and Jacob need to get together.
good job all the way around!
Betty Ward