Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Congrats Matt!

Today Matt was awarded Super Charger for the month of August for Mrs. Keys Class. At the Lower Elementary each month a different child gets this from each class based on showing the Charger traits... being respectful, caring, responsible and safe. I  could tell when I put him in the car this afternoon he had something good to tell me because he had that tongue in his cheek. He was so excited to tell me.  Also, his class was awarded Super Charger class of the month by their assistant principal. They will get to have a popsicle party tomorrow. Way to go Matt!! We are so proud of you!!


bettyb said...

Way to go, Matt!!
I am so proud of you and so glad that others see what a kind and good boy you are. Keep up the good work.
Betty Ward

Mel said...

Way to go Matt!! We are so proud of you!! Keep up the good work!!

We love you,
Wayne and Mel