Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Decorating and Updating

I have been on the hunt for a year now for new curtains for McKenzie's room. Ever since purchasing her new bedding last year, the cute awnings which I dearly loved didn't work anymore. We needed something to make her room look more grownup. Well, thanks to GroupDealz a few months ago, I found these really cute handmade ruffled curtains. The style is very similar to ones I have seen in Pottery Barn Teen except much cheaper!! I know David is very proud! Ha! I decided to go with the cream ones because her quilt is so busy with the different patterns. I love how they turned out.

McKenzie then tells me she is ready to take down her butterfly Walter Anderson painting that has been in her room since she was a baby. I'm fine with that since it has been up for almost 12 years! Its been perfect for her room but I have been wanting something more for this time in her life and that is something to hang lots and lots of pictures. Well, while visiting TJ Maxx in Memphis a few weekends ago, we find this great old frame with chicken wire.  Perfect for hanging pictures. It even came with stained clothes pins for attaching the photos.  She loves  it and it looks great hanging in her room. Now we just have to print some more pictures to hang on it.  I love updating especially when I can find such great deals! Next project I want to do is paint her room. I have been saying that for awhile but I think I have finally found the perfect color...stay tuned!

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bettyb said...

~a very cute room for a very cute girl! I will have to find a lovely picture of myself for you to add to your frame.
(that is a joke!!!)
love, Betty Ward