Thursday, November 14, 2013

Reading Fair/Happy Birthday Nick!

Matt is entering the reading fair at his school tomorrow. He chose a book we had here at the house, If You Take A Mouse To School. It is a cute book and Matt had fun doing all the art work for his backboard.

Someone else wants to go to the reading fair, too! Good luck, Matt!

Nick celebrated his second birthday this week. November 13th is the day we adopted him from the Greenwood animal shelter. He was a few months old so we always say that is his birthday. I have had cats my whole life and Nick is the sweetest that I have ever seen! He is like a little person and is so funny.  He is quite partial to Matt as you can see in the pictures. He thinks he has to do whatever Matt does. So thankful we were able to adopt him!

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Anonymous said...

I really thought I had posted on here,but I don't see it. -- losing my mind!! Matt, these pictures of Nick doing everything you are doing is too funny. Happy Birthday to Nick! Good luck with the reading fair. I'm so glad I got to see all your hard work,and I bet you will do super great!
Love, Betty Ward