Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Our Weekend

We had a great weekend. We decided to go to Memphis Saturday to do a little shopping and eating. I needed to pick up a few things for the kids and then we are always up to Barnes and Noble hanging out/reading. Matt bought himself a book and had it read by Sunday afternoon. McKenzie bought a book and is working on it, too. We ate lunch at The Arcade. It was sooo good.

We rode through downtown and I couldn't get over all the Ginkgo trees everywhere. They are bright yellow.

Of course we saw a trolley or two for Matt.

Sunday we went to church at David's old home church FBC Itta Bena. We love visiting there and the people!  The preacher preached a great message on Thanksgiving.  (This is David:  During the announcement time, one lady stood up and said, "I have something to announce, preacher.  ROLL TIDE!!!".  Only in a Southern country church.....)  Of course we are always going to eat wherever we go so it was The Crystal Grill for lunch. We were stuffed after eating there and it was hard to keep our eyes open driving home. It was a busy weekend but lots of fun times!

On a different note...Matt won Honorable Mention at the reading fair that was held this past Friday at his school. I had to laugh when I picked him up from school he came running out saying,"Mama, Mama I won a ribbon today." I said well Matt what place did you get?  He said, "I don't know!!" Little boys!! Way to go, Matt! We are proud of you.

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bettyb said...

Good food, good times and way to go, Matt!! I am very proud of you.
love, Betty Ward