Friday, December 13, 2013

O Christmas Trees!

December is flying by and we are trying to enjoy every minute! I feel like I have been running in a thousand different directions since we have had only three weeks to get it all done before the big day. Here are a few pictures of our decorations....I'll start with our trees.
Our family tree..
and a couple of new ornaments I bought this year. Home is Where the Cat is...
had to get that one for Nick. Also, picked up this one from our Gulf Shores vacation.
McKenzie's tree...
Matt's tree...Go Dawgs!
Scenes from the rest of the house...

Ok, this is Matt's creation!
As you can see Matt has his Daddy's sense of humor. I am sad to report that Matt has announced that he no longer believes in Santa or Henry our Elf. Sniff, Sniff. He confessed it to McKenzie the other day and made her pinky promise not to tell us. He thought we would be mad. We were a little sad but not mad!  He told us that he got to thinking about it and how could one man deliver all those toys to kids. Ha.  So now we let him take a turn hiding Henry.

On a different note, Congrats to Matt!  Today, he was awarded Super Charger of the Week for his 2nd/3rd grade school! He was so exited!!  Way to go, Matt!!

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bettyb said...

EVerything looks wonderful. I think you need to have a party!! ~and invite me!! I love the new ornaments,especially the kitty one. Oh,no,Matt is too young to not believe. Tell him Ward still does!! I kinda think Davis does too. :-)
Also tell him that I am so very proud of his award. He has really had a good first semester of school.
Congrats, Matthew!!!
Betty Ward