Monday, April 7, 2014

State Individual Chess Tournament

Saturday was the State Individual Chess Tournament in Jackson.  Matt went to the Team Tournament last month with three other students from his school, but he was the only one from his school that went to this one.  The tournament was held at the Jackson State e-Center.  It was a very nice facility.

Matt's first opponent was a hyper little dude.  Matt said he kept playing with his captured pieces and wouldn't be still.  Matt won.

Matt's second opponent was Zoie.  She was a nice girl and a pretty good player.  Matt won.

Here's the tournament hall during Matt's second round game.

Lunch time!  We went to a McDonald's nearby.  Sadly, this would be the best meal I had all day.  Thanks Logan's!  Supper was spent at Logan's Roadhouse for over an hour watching Matt eat while they couldn't get my meal cooked and then when they did, it was wrong and we finally just left.  But back to the tournament....

Matt's third round opponent was Jitarious.  While it may look like he is being nice and offering a handshake, what he's actually doing here is trash talking.  Yes, trash talking in chess!!!  This little kid told Matt, "I cannot lose.  I came here to win the first place trophy and that's what I'm gonna do!  I won this thing last year and I'm gonna win it again.  You are going down!  You're gonna get hurt!"  Matt just sat there and looked at him like, "Whatever, dude".  And then Matt proceeded to beat the cocky little 3rd grader.  The boy was so mad and upset that he didn't even set the board back up or go with Matt to the judge's table like you're supposed to.  He just stormed out of the room with his head in his hands.

Matt's fourth round opponent was the dreaded Adam.  Adam is the only one who beat Matt in the last tournament on his way to winning first place.  Matt played him well and was one move away from checkmate when Adam got him in checkmate and won the game.

Matt's final round opponent was Hatice.  She is a smart little girl and a very good player.  She played Adam very well in round 3 and I overheard the tournament director telling Adam's father that Hatice was probably the second best player at the tournament.  Matt and Hatice played a good game with Matt winning with Hatice just a move or two away from checkmate.

Hatice's parents wanted a picture of them shaking hands.  As you can see, Matt wasn't too thrilled with that idea! 

Out of 16 participants in Matt's division, Matt finished second in the State!  Adam got first place again.  He's not pictured below because he got sick and had to leave before the awards ceremony.
Way to go Matt!

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bettyb said...

This boy can do it all: basketball, golf, ninja moves and chess. You have everything covered,Matt!
I am SO proud of you.
Betty Ward