Friday, February 27, 2015

Winter Wonderland

I still can't believe we got 6 inches of snow!   Matt's words described it best, "Mama, it the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!" The kids have enjoyed three days out of school and David's work let him go early the afternoon the snow started and he had a late start the next morning. After supper that night we went for a walk just before it got dark. Everything was so pretty. It was still snowing, too. The last time we got snow like this, McKenzie was 9 and Matt was 4. So, we were due a good snow! It's just about gone, so spring can come now!

I was in Big Lots last weekend and found this pretty forsythia wreath to hang on our front door for early spring. Love how it brightened up my porch.

Easter is right around the corner, so I ordered the kids Easter eggs from Old Tyme Commissary in Jackson. This year, for McKenzie I had them paint an 8th grade graduate bunny. She will have a graduation from middle school in April and they will wear red graduation hats. For Matt, he is really into his Minecraft game, so Diamond Steve it is for his egg.

Here are a few pictures from our winter wonderland. Enjoy!

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bettyb said...

Your snow pictures are so pretty. I love the night shots. We took a walk too,and it was so peaceful. And the eggs are great!
Love, Betty Ward