Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Basketball and New Cleats

Tuesday night, McKenzie and I went to Memphis to watch the Memphis Grizzlies play the Houston Rockets at the FedEx Forum.  It was McKenzie's first pro basketball game to see in person.  We had a great time and McKenzie was amazed at how big all the players were.  Memphis ended up losing 113-103.

Here's McKenzie right before tip-off.

Here's an action shot of Zach Randolph scoring for Memphis.

It was late when we left the game, so we needed to stop for some fuel for the long ride home!

Tuesday at lunch, Betty, Matt, and I went to get some cleats for Matt.  He was so excited, especially when we told him that his cleats were like Dah's (Caleb)!  Matt wore them all Tuesday afternoon until bath and bed time and then wore them all day Wednesday.  He even wore them to church Wednesday night!  He calls them his "Bennys" after Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez, the main character from his favorite baseball movie, "The Sandlot".  Here are a couple of pics of Matt with his new cleats on.  Unfortunately, he had an accident running in his new cleats and skinned his knees on the driveway.  He was quite pitiful.

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bettyb said...

Wow! if that action shot was taken from your seat y'all were up close and personal! I know you had such a good time,and to end the night with donuts would be perfection!! Matt, I love your new cleats,but I am so sorry that you fell and hurt yourself. Hopefully it is all better today.