Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day Out With Thomas

Last weekend we went to Calera, AL to see Thomas the Train for Matt's birthday.  As you know, Matt loves Thomas and had been looking forward to this trip for a while.  We added in a couple of trips to Target and some good eating and it was fun for the whole family!

We stopped on the way in Columbus at a park and let the kids get out and play a little bit.  The park had a train on display, so Matt got a little teaser for what was to come.

Saturday morning we finally got to see Thomas!

This is Thomas at Action Canyon.  Matt has been wanting this set for months.  It was the reward he picked out when we started potty training, but we couldn't find it anywhere.  I found out that it was not being sold anywhere anymore for some reason.  Well, the only sets for sale anywhere besides eBay was at the Day Out With Thomas.  Matt parked himself at the demo and you'd have thought that he worked there as the demo guy!

Here he is with his prized possession he bought with his birthday money.

Matt and McKenzie played a little golf at Thomas' mini golf course.  McKenzie got a couple of holes in one!

Time to ride Thomas!!!  Acutally, according to Matt, we were riding on Clarabel which is one of Thomas' passenger cars.

There are several old trains on the grounds of the museum.  Matt wanted his picture taken on a caboose.

One of the tents was called Imagination Station, where they had several tables set up where the kids could play with the trains.  Matt was in heaven!

It was a madhouse!

After playing with the trains, it was time for another ride - this time on a small steam train.  I decided to sit out this one - it didn't look too friendly to my aching back.  I was right.  The guy driving the train must have been paid by the trip because Betty and the kids said he was going so fast it felt like a roller coaster ride!  Matt said it was his favorite part of the day!

Here they are barreling around the corner!

Here's a look at part of the layout.  The tents housed a gift shop, Imagination Station, mini golf, and food.  There was also a story center on one of the train cars where a lady read a Thomas story to the kids.  We had a great time and we'll probably be back after Thanksgiving to ride the Polar Express!


bettyb said...

It looks like such a FUN place to visit. I am glad that you and everyone else had such a good time. Your new train set is awesome!

bettyb said...

I forgot to say that I'll be sure to tell Ward that you made some holes in one!! He never has.