Friday, March 25, 2011

Birthday Fun!

Matt's 5th birthday is tomorrow. His teacher, Mrs. Michelle told me that I could bring a cake on Friday to celebrate with his class. We went to their playground and set up the food on the picnic table. It was a beautiful morning for it. We had so much fun!

I had Walmart bakery make this cute baseball cupcake cake. Matt is really into baseball right now with his t-ball practices starting up this week, so I thought he would like it and he did!

On each child's birthday, they get to wear this cute birthday hat.  All of his friends sang Happy Birthday to him and he blew out his no. 5 candle. We ate cupcakes, cheese nips and capri suns. After eating the kids ran off to play on the playground. I snapped a few pictures of Matt playing with his friends.

Here is Matt and his best bud, Carter. I really hope these two get in the same kindergarten class next year.
Looks like a few of the boys have a baseball game going...

Tomorrow we are off to Incredible Pizza in Memphis to celebrate his actual birthday. He is so excited and has told anyone and everyone that would listen about his special trip. For those who aren't familiar with Incredible Pizza, it is a neat place with a food bar, go carts, glow in the dark golf, bowling and many other games. It will be a fun day for sure! David will post Matt's video he has been working on late tonight or tomorrow. Can't wait to see it.

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