Saturday, March 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Matt!!!

Matt has been so excited about his birthday this year.  He's been talking about it all month!  We started celebrating Sunday with cake and goodies at Granny's....

...then we met Nana and Grand for supper Tuesday night.

Friday, Matt had a party at his school (see Betty's post below) and then we went to supper at No Way Jose where they sang to him and put a big sombrero on his head!

And now for the annual birthday video.  I hope you like it!  Happy Birthday Matt!


Marty said...

Happy Happy Birthday Matt!!! Love your video so sweet!!

Love you! Margie

bettyb said...

Happy Birthday,Matt!! I actually saw this while we were in Birmingham but couldn't post from Ward's phone. I loved all your pictures and your video; I especially loved your hat from school!!!! Your mommy will not like this,but I think you look SO old in your pictures~very much like a big 5 yr. old. I'll see you tomorrow,and I hope you have had a wonderful day.
Betty Ward
p.s. I will bring your present to Granny's.