Tuesday, March 29, 2011

First Visit To Kindergarten

Tuesday, Matt's class took a field trip to the Grenada Elementary School to check out the Kindergarten.  The parents were encouraged to meet them there so Betty and I took advantage of the opportunity to tour the school.

 Matt was so excited about riding the school bus.  He told me it was "awesome"!

 Here's the big boy getting off the bus.

 Matt and his best friend, Carter, waiting in line to start the tour.  They ended up splitting the class in two groups and split them right between Matt and Carter.  They weren't too happy about that!

 P.E. was Matt's favorite part of the tour.  They let Matt's class each have a turn kicking the ball.

 This was the music class.  Matt actually sang a little bit and did the motions the teacher was showing them.

 This class was studying bugs and had some displayed on a table.  Matt was upset that he didn't get to look at them through the "microscope" - also known as a magnifying glass.

 They ended the tour in the cafeteria where Matt looked like he had been through a full day of school!  He was pretty reserved and quiet most of the time, just taking it all in.  In one class we visited, though, he decided he needed to "break dance" and hopped down on the floor and did some moves for a few seconds and then got up and got back in line!  I asked him what he was doing and he said, "I just wanted to do some break out moves!".  In the cafeteria the Guidance Counselor told the kids that they would get a number assigned to them that they would use for lunch and computer time so they would have to memorize it.  Then a little girls asked, "What does rememberize mean?".  Gotta love little kids!

Matt and Carter back on the bus and headed back to Miss Mary's.

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bettyb said...

Well, I actually had a tear when I saw the big yellow bus picture,so Betty Ann if you didn't cry then BRAVO. What a neat and awesome school to go to; if school had been like that when I was his age I might have liked it! ~love the picture of the two boys looking out the window. He will be just fine I have a feeling. Matt,you are going to have a great time in kindergarten next year!!
Betty Ward