Friday, April 8, 2011


No pictures in this post.  Just a couple of quotes from Matt so Nana can't complain that we haven't posted anything in April yet!

After lunch at Spencer's Friday, I took the rest of my Dr. Pepper with me in the car.  As I drank from it on the way home, Matt noticed and with indignation said, "Daddy!  You're not supposed to drink and drive!".  I laughed and he responded, "You know I'm right!".  Busted!

Matt likes to play "super hero" and run around the house fighting super villains.  Sometimes the villains disguise themselves as couch pillows and Matt has to punch them and jump on them.  This brings out the most feared super villain of them all........... Mommy!  Friday, Matt was playing super hero and would stand on the arm of the couch and try to jump over the pillows.  As a faithful minion of Mommy, I told him that he needed to stop jumping on the pillows. 
He said, "I wasn't jumping on the pillows, I was jumping OVER the pillows." 
Me: "Well, you didn't quite make it did you?". 
Matt: "So I need to try again?" 

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bettyb said...

I read these while in Oxford,and it is hard to post from Ward's phone so I did not. I laughed so hard at the Mattisms. He's so literal~and again reminds me so much of the way Davis was. I hope the boy is feeling better. I know the last 24hrs. have been tough. Tell him that I hope he is soon over the itching.