Friday, April 15, 2011

Yard Stuff and Easter Decorating

I have been taking advantage of the pretty weather and getting some things done in the yard. My plants made it through that terrible summer drought. Thank goodness, I didn't want to have to replace any this year. However my azaleas to the left of the driveway that have been here for years are not blooming well.  I didn't feed them last year so maybe a little Miracle Gro will help them bloom next year. Here are a couple of  pictures that I took after putting out pine straw a few weekends ago.
 Last year

 This year

 Last year

 This year

Easter will be here soon, so it is time to do a little spring decorating. I am so pleased with McKenzie and Matt's eggs this year. Matt's has a school house on it to represent his year in 4 yr. old preschool and McKenzie's has a pageant bunny on it to represent the two pageants she won last year. They are so cute...

I did something different for the front door this year. I used this cute bunny that was in McKenzie's nursery. I had a big bow made for it to make it look like he is sitting on it. Then I hot glued a few Easter eggs to the bow. Around by the back door, I used my Easter egg wreath.

April and May are turning out to be very busy months for the Cummings household. School is almost out so that means t-ball, preschool graduation, church musicals and dance recital. My head is spinning just thinking about it all but we will enjoy this season of life that we are in right now. McKenzie and Matt are growing up fast!

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bettyb said...

I love all the pictures and all the decorations. Even Maxwell looked like he was enjoying himself! Yep,you really need to enjoy these busy times with your family because they are over before you can blink. Then you are still busy but can't figure out why or what you do with your time!!