Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kicking Off Dad's Birthday Month

Saturday we went to Eupora to visit with the Cummings side of the family and to start the celebrations of Dad's 80th birthday.  May is a month of memorials in Webster County and Dad's family gets together and goes around to the cemeteries to place flowers on family graves.  This year Mom decided to add a little birthday celebration to the gathering since Dad will be turning 80 on May 19th.  We had a good time visiting and eating!  Here are some pictures.....
Dad's sisters brought some old pictures for everyone to look at and reminisce.
Matt and Caleb found a way to get some ball playing in.

The Cummings men.  Aren't we handsome!!!

McKenzie and my aunt, Sallie.
Andy and Matt, or Abomination vs. Iron Man.

Happy Birthday to you!  Matt had to help!

The ladies facing the camera on the left are Dad's sisters, Sallie and Louise.

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bettyb said...

~looks like a fun day for all. ~and an early happy birthday to you,Doyle!
Betty Ward