Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Home Run Hitter and Home Improvements

Tonight Matt had his first t-ball game of the season. We are the Bulldogs and David is coaching his team again. We were glad that the storms held off, so that we could play our game in the Frankie Bailey tournament that raises money for St. Jude. Matt had a lot of fun. He hit one to the fence and got a home run. He got a few people out on defense, too. During the month of May he will play 15 games! David and Matt love every minute of it, though. It is entertaining to watch these little kids, so McKenzie and I have fun, too.

In other news...more home improvements. We are slowly but surely making this house our own. I love putting my touch on it and making it more "us". It's fun to cross projects of my list! I have found a great contractor thanks to Betty and Ward. He doesn't mind coming and doing small projects. He is also the guy who built my mantle and added moldings to improve the large bookcase.

I know this may sound weird, but I wanted a new back door for Christmas. The one I had was ugly,broken and looked a little shabby. So David gave me the door and we are just now getting around to having it installed. I decided on another steel french door because of rain blowing in on it and thought that might be more practical. We had it painted a neutral color called milk paint.  I also found some pretty door handles at Lowes that match my light fixture. I have wanted this project done since the day we moved in so I am happy that it is completed!

The next project our contractor completed today was our foyer. I am very pleased with how it turned out. It looks completely different. It use to be a cranberry red and I had it painted a color called morning fog. We also had crown molding put up and that was the finishing touch it needed. The color is a shade lighter than what we had painted behind our bookshelves back in the fall. I like the way the color wraps around from the bookcase into the foyer. Here are a few pics...


bettyb said...

Okay,let's get this out of the way now; does the first pix mean I have to actually cheer for a bulldog??? Oh,my! Seriously,they do look like a cute twosome! Your house looks amazing~so clean and fresh.I love the new back door,and I know you will enjoy it so much. Keep up the good work~maybe it will rub off on me!

bettyb said...

Matt, I can't believe I forgot to say "congratulations" on your GREAT ball playing. You did a little bit of everything,and I am so proud of you!
Betty Ward

Pat said...

Betty, you are such a talented young lady. I have admired your interior and exterior decorating for several years. You had yall's little house on Mimose fixed up so cute. Yall are a special family. Love you, Pat