Wednesday, April 13, 2011

School News

Last Saturday Matt's school, Miss Mary's, had a 20th year celebration open house.  Matt was so excited about it and talked about it all week leading up to it.  We got to see Matt's room and some of the work that he's done and he showed us what he does and what he plays with every day.  They had a fun jump, snow cones, and popcorn.

In other school news, McKenzie will be going to the Superintendent's Breakfast Thursday morning.  All students who have all A's for the year up to this point are invited to join the Superintendent for breakfast at the high school cafeteria.  McKenzie will get to ride the bus from her school to the high school.  She is very excited and we are very proud of her!

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bettyb said...

What a big week you two have had. Matt, your school looks awesome. I know you were so happy to show it off to your family. I cannot believe you will soon be in kindergarten! McKenzie, I am so proud of your good grades and your getting to go to breakfast with the superintendent~that is quite an honor. Both of you keep up the good work!!