Friday, October 21, 2011

Bull Bottom Farms

Friday, Matt's class went on a field trip to Bull Bottom Farms.  I took off Friday and Betty and I went with the class and had a lot of fun.  McKenzie went to a Showchoir Spectacular workshop at Mississippi Delta Community College and we'll have some pics and a post about that later.

The first thing we did was go on a hay ride to the pumpkin patch.  The boy to Matt's left told him, "If you stay out in the sun too long you'll be black!".

After the hay ride we went to slide on the giant Magic Carpet Slide.  Matt was a little hesitant but he went anyway.

 It looked like so much fun that I had to take a turn.  I was very pleased that I made it to the bottom of the hill in one piece without any major injuries!

 We went back to the slide and Matt said he didn't want to go by himself, so I agreed to go down with him.  As you can wasn't pretty.

 I promise, no kids were harmed in the taking of this picture.  The boy in the blue shirt escaped unharmed.  Matt emerged without a scratch also.  Amazingly, I was able to walk away as well.

They finished the trip playing on the hay bale maze.  This was Matt's favorite part of the farm.  He was so worn out after playing that he called it the "hell bays" instead of "hay bales".

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bettyb said...

Matt, that trip looks like so much FUN!! ~~and David,you should have left well enough alone and not gone down that last time! Those are some really good pictures. What a pretty day for a field trip.
Betty Ward