Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Through the Years

A few weeks ago I read a post on a blog that I love, Clover Lane, on how she made a cute Halloween photo garland for her large kitchen window. It was made using old pictures through the years of her kids in their Halloween costumes. I plan on making one myself, so I got David to find our old pictures of McKenzie and Matt in their costumes. They brought back a lot of great memories. We celebrate big at Halloween at our house. It has been so much fun planning their costumes through the years.I believe my favorite costumes would have to be their "first" Halloween. McKenzie was a Hershey Kiss. I'll never forget how much fun my granny and I had with that one. She made it out of silver fabric and we stuffed it with tissue paper. I then painted a Hershey Kiss tag for it. Matt for his first was a little cowboy. I can remember his head was so big that his little cowboy hat wouldn't stay on but he was so cute! Hope you enjoy the pictures...

 2001 - McKenzie - Hershey's Kiss

 2002 - McKenzie - 50's Girl

 2003 - McKenzie - Snow White

 2004 - McKenzie - Minnie Mouse

 2005 - McKenzie - Diva

 2006 - McKenzie - American Idol

 2006 - Matt - Cowboy

2007 - McKenzie - Hannah Montana
2007 - Matt - Dog
2008 - McKenzie - Dr. McKenzie
2008 - Matt - Thomas the Train
2009 - McKenzie - Witch
2009 - Matt - Skeleton

2010 - McKenzie - 60's Girl

2010 - Matt - Batman


bettyb said...

What a great idea! I loved looking at all the pictures,and it seems like "just yesterday" for some of them. Now I'm wondering which one of his many costumes for this year will Matt choose to have his picture made~~ or will he pose in ALL of them?!
Betty Ward

Kellie Berry said...

love it!!! oh how they grow up! not sure i'm ready for all this!

Mel said...

So cute!! They are growing too fast!!