Saturday, October 1, 2011


Saturday was my cousin, Beth's, wedding in Eupora.  The weather was perfect and everything couldn't have gone any better.  The wedding was at a little country church where Beth's parents are buried and the reception was at their family farm.  Beth had many friends and family helping make everything run smoothly and make the day special for everyone.  She asked me to take pictures for them and here are a few.  I'll have the rest on my web site in a few days.
 The shoes say "I do" in case you can't read them.

 This is at the house at the family farm.

 Her flowers had a picture attached of her parents on their wedding day.

 Andy sang "What a Friend We Have In Jesus" and "The Lord's Prayer"

I have never been to a wedding where the bride and groom faced the crowd during the ceremony.  It was neat.

 Betty was my assistant and also in charge of keeping the dog out of the church.  This dog showed up at the rehearsal Friday night and then came back for the wedding!  Dr. Doolittle did a great job of keeping him outside.

 Instead of rice or birdseed, they passed out these cowbells for everyone to ring as Beth and Robert left.

The man who played the piano works at American Family Radio and he also made this cool birdhouse for Beth and Robert as a wedding gift.

 Mr. Glen was there and it wasn't long before Matt found him and they started talking trains.

 They had quite a long conversation about everything from trains to school.

 Beth changed into this dress that her mother (my mother's sister) wore on her wedding day.

McKenzie and another girl passed out the cowbells.

We had to get a shot of the kids since we had them all together and dressed up.

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bettyb said...

I loved seeing all these pictures and hearing about this very special wedding. Beth truly had her parents honored so beautifully all thru the event. ~so sweet and special. Thanks for sharing. I also love the picture of Matt and Mr. Glenn. McKenzie,you looked so cute with your boots on~~and what can I say about Betty Ann and the dog. She is an animal magnet!!!!
Betty Ward