Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Band Night

Monday night was McKenzie's first Band Night. We really enjoyed getting to see her band as well as the 7th, 8th and high school bands. It's quite a sight to see 650 kids spread out across the field at the end of the program. Each band played a few songs. The high school band opened up the night with their show. It was wonderful. Next the seventh grade band performed followed by the eighth grade band. It brought back a lot of memories for me because years ago I was a part of Band Night from 7th-12th grades. It's neat to see my daughter enjoying it as well! It's amazing what her band has learned in a few short weeks. God bless her sweet director, Kim Presley! I can't imagine listening to 48 clarinet players every afternoon for an hour. Mrs. Presley said that this is her largest clarinet section ever. The sixth grade band played a song that they have been working on. At the end of the night all the bands played the school fight song, "Anchors Away". It was so funny, the sixth graders would join in on a note here and there that Mr. Rodgers had taught them. We didn't get pictures because of David's knee/crutches situation but he did get one before we left of her in her band uniform and a video of her band. Way to go, McKenzie!!

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bettyb said...

McKenzie, I don't know how I missed the important post about band night. You look very official with your clarinet,and I know you did great! I still love to hear Anchors Away-- it was mine and Wards fight song too!! -- a very long time ago!!! I hope you enjoy the band, I did.
Betty Ward