Friday, October 19, 2012

Yes, I realize I'm old

"Yes, I realize I'm old."  That has been my usual answer to the inevitable question most people have asked me when they found out I hurt my knee playing basketball with my 17 year old nephew - "Don't you know you're too old to be doing that?".  A few weeks ago, I was playing basketball with Caleb and his friend Cole when I made a cut -- well, most of me made a cut -- my lower left leg decided it would go left while the rest of me went right.  The result was a torn meniscus and a torn MCL ligament.  Even Betty joined in the abuse.  She told me, "You need to save whatever you have left for your own children!".  I'm sorry, I refuse to be put out to pasture just yet!  I enjoy sports and I hope to keep playing as long as I can.  Maybe I'll compromise and play a little slower.

I ended up having surgery last Wednesday and have been home recovering since then.  My mother told me, "You'd think that someone who was laying around the house all day would update their blog already!".  OK, Mom, here it is! 

Betty has been a good nurse and I am doing well.  The doctor has moved me from my immobilizer brace to a hinged brace and said I can start putting some weight on my leg as I walk with crutches so I'll be going back to work next week.

Betty has had to drive me around.  She said she feels like she has a third kid.  Like she didn't feel that way already!

Matt has enjoyed being moved to the back of the car.
Here's the knee at physical therapy.  I'll spare you any gorier pictures.
Nick took a liking to my immobilizer brace.
He also took a liking to me working from home this week.  He spent most of each day laying in my lap while I worked.  He's going to miss me Monday!

Everyone has been so good to me since the surgery.  Of course, Betty is number one taking care of me with such patience.  The rest of my family and friends have been sending emails, cards, and texts checking on me and also sending cakes, pies, and cookies to make sure my repaired knee gets a good workout by carrying a few extra pounds!

OK, Mom, there's your update!  Now please send another yummy apple pie!!!!

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bettyb said...

I was beginning to wonder if anyone was going to do a post surgery blog post! So good for you, Liz! I'm so glad that you've been getting such good care, including being chauffeured here and there. ~sounds to me like it hasn't been all bad. :-) just kidding; I'm quite sure if you had a choice you would not have taken surgery. Take care and hope you keep progressing on schedule ~or even ahead.
Betty Ward