Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy Easter

Easter is just a couple of weeks away. I decided to put a few things out around the house. I'm not really into doing much decorating around this time because I don't like mixing pastel spring colors with the color scheme of our house. So I try to keep it neutral. Sometimes less is more! I used the bunny door decoration that I already had for the front door. 

I used my Peter's pottery that reminds me of Easter in a couple of different places.

Found this grapevine rabbit at Home Goods a few weeks ago...

I love to put out seasonal things on the coffee table. I used my pair of bunnies and bowl of the painted Easter eggs we have collected since McKenzie and Matt were babies.

By the backdoor, I used an egg wreath...

Happy Easter!

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bettyb said...

I don't know why I look at your decorations~it just depresses me. All I have is a big wooden egg on the back door that bangs the glass every time we open it! I guess my McCarty rabbits can count as bunnies. No one sees but Ward,and I'm not sure he appreciates my efforts so why try?! You say you don't have much,but you have a nice variety of decor spread around the house. I can't believe how many eggs the kiddos have.