Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Be Mine

Valentine's Day is right around the corner. I love to put out a few things around the house and also love putting something on the front door and mailbox. I looked on Etsy for a new Valentine's wreath but they were all so expensive I just used the same Love banner I have used for a few years. It's cute! When I was at Target this past Saturday, I found the cutest movie night snack pack for Matt's teacher, Mrs. Keys for Valentine's Day. Matt picked out these NBA valentines for his class, too.  Here are a few pictures...

Here is Matt at Dr. Armstrong's office. He is doing well but we wanted to take him to get some help for a problem he started having while playing basketball. He will play for awhile then lose his breath. It happened three times this past Friday night. The exact same thing would happen to McKenzie when she played basketball a few years ago.  Dr. Armstrong calls it Exercise Induced Asthma. He gave us an inhaler for Matt to use before he plays. The inhaler worked well for McKenzie so I am hoping it does the same for him. The cold weather just makes this worse. Poor thing.  After we left the dr.'s office I texted David to meet us at McDonalds for lunch. Matt was so excited about this since he was missing a little more of his school day. After we ate our early lunch,  I took him to school. It was nice having him home with me this morning. Matt enjoyed the late start to his day as well!

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bettyb said...

I always love all your valentine decor. i wonder why?! I really like the ivy in the cute red pot and the mugs are so cute too. Of course i like the pillow and I guess I just like everything!! Matt, I'm glad the dr. could give you something to help you breathe when you play ball because you are too good to have trouble. I hope it helps a lot.
love, Betty Ward