Saturday, January 11, 2014

Eye Appt. & Upwards 2014

Friday was a good day. We got up early and headed to Jackson for McKenzie's yearly visit with her eye doctor. Her appointment went well, in fact Dr. Mungan said her eyes were doing really well. The tests are always a little uncomfortable but she did well. It's hard to believe that we having been going there 10 years. She looked so big sitting in that chair.

After we left the dr.'s office we had a little time before lunch, so we stopped my Target. I mainly wanted to go and see if they had put out any cute Valentine's decorations, which they did! I ended up getting this cute banner for McKenzie's room. It is made with different colored felt hearts, grograin ribbon and pink heart clips.  Also, I have been looking everywhere for something cute to put  her jewelry on. They had a good selection of jewelry trees. McKenzie picked this one. I love how it turned out!

We began our Upward Basketball games last night. This is Matt's third year to play basketball. He had so much fun! We have a good little team this year. They actually started practices before Thanksgiving so he has been loving that. David is his coach and our team name is the Grizzlies. I will try and post some pictures throughout the season.

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bettyb said...

~a full day for sure. You should have posted a picture of McKenzie's first time sitting in that chair! She does look so old. Slow down, time. I'm so glad y'all have already started decorating for my birthday. :-)
Matt, I hope you have a great basketball season,and I know you will.
Betty Ward