Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Matt was introduced to chess in LEAP at school a couple of months ago.  He loved it immediately and has been playing and learning it ever since.  I have played with him a lot and given him some pointers here and there.  Mr. Beane, who is teaching chess to the LEAP students, has started a Grenada Chess Club and Matt was eager to join.  They had their first meetings during the Christmas holidays and Matt has had a ball!  He's doing really well and is really excited about it.  Here are some pictures from the first couple of meetings we've been to.

This is a set that Mr. Glenn from Eupora gave Matt and McKenzie for Christmas.  He made it himself, including all of the pieces that are magnetized so they stick to the board!

Matt playing against his friend, James Darren.

Matt playing against Mr. Beane's helper, Mr. Hardeman.

Matt was in demand and ended up playing two kids at once!

Matt teaching Betty (and Nick) how to play.  I think Nick paid closer attention than Betty did!

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bettyb said...

These pictures are all so good. Matt, I hope you don't think Betty Ward will be able to play at Granny's on Sundays!! I don't think I'm smart enough. That last picture of Nick was hysterical. He totally looked like he was listening.
Betty Ward