Saturday, December 27, 2008

McKenzie's Cooking Show

McKenzie got an Easy Bake Oven from Santa this year. Saturday, we got it set up and she wanted to make some sugar cookies. So, we decided to make it into a cooking show. It has the energy of Rachael Ray, the Southern drawl of Paula Deen, and the comedy cameos of Matt. So, sit back and enjoy McKenzie's Cooking Show!


Anonymous said...

I am SO GLAD that Santa brought you the "Easy Bake"because I never got you to help me cook with mine before they recalled it! I still have it,and I did take it to Granny's a couple of Sundays,but it would be when you didn't come to her house that day.Now you've got your very own,and it looks alot nicer than mine.I can't wait to taste some of your baking,and tell Daddy that I enjoyed the video that he produced and you starred in: it was first class all the way~~look out Paula Deen (sp?)!!It also sounds like Matt is a fan of your cooking.
Betty Ward

jordan lea said...

hey mckenzie

what is up girlfriend i hope you had a verery merry christmas i bet it was fun i think you are a great cook i wish you would cook me some bo bo we a e going to have great fun on monday and teusday i got somthing like the easy bake oven but mine makes cupcakes me and you can make some when you come to my house on monday and teusday OH and tell matt that he is a good geat star and he is so funny!!!! SEE U TOMORROW GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Amanda said...

Jack & I loved your show! He can't wait until he was teeth so he can try your cooking. We hope you will post more shows! We love you!! Amanda & Jack