Monday, August 10, 2009

School Starts Soon!

Summer has quickly come to an end. We have had a great one, though. I look forward to getting back on a routine, but I don't look forward to homework, yuck! McKenzie starts 3rd grade Wednesday morning. They only go half day, so that will be nice for her just to ease back into school. Thursday will be her first full day. We are thrilled to have Mrs. Jones again. She was our wonderful first grade teacher and has since moved to 3rd. I know its going to be a great year.

I took these pictures of McKenzie packing her messenger bag for school. We always have fun going and buying all of her notebooks, pencil bags,crayons, etc. They make the cutest stuff these days! McKenzie and I are weird, we like to match and coordinate all of her notebooks and pencils and stuff. I even found Mrs. Jones really cute paper clips for all those papers she will be grading.
Tomorrow is her last vacation day, so we will try to have some fun and enjoy our last day to sleep late. I know one little person who is really going to miss his BoBo...Matt!

Tonight, I twisted David's arm into getting that big ole camera out and taking some pictures of our kids! At the end of the summer, I like to get a cute picture of them to show how much they have grown over the summer. I have always wanted to do a picture of them in front of the church, so that is where we took them. Our session didn't last long because someone wanted to run around in the grass and fall out in the grass. You name it...he did it! It was fun though and I think they turned out good. Thanks David!


Kellie Berry said...

So sweet! Ryan told me he saw you guys taking picture last night. It really is amazing how much they grow over the summer!

bettyb said...

--love the new pictures! McKenzie,I can't believe you are going into the 3rd grade,but I really like all the things you bought for it.I hope you have a great first day.Mama is going to have to do something really special for Matt since I know he's going to miss you so much.
Betty Ward