Saturday, December 19, 2009

Anniversary (and/or Birthday) Trip

You know, back 16 years ago, I thought it was pretty neat to be getting married on my birthday.  I thought it would make our wedding and anniversaries even more special.....which it did.  But it also means that I have to give Betty a present and plan special things for HER on MY birthday!  That, my friends, is The Law of Unintended Consequences.  So, I'm not sure whether mine and Betty's trip to Memphis this weekend was for my birthday or our anniversary.  Whichever it was it was fun!

We started our Birthiversary Day trip after I took a half day off on Friday.  We ate lunch in Batesville and then stopped in Southaven for Betty to go to a few stores.  We got to our hotel, The Westin, around mid-afternoon. 

We love The Westin.  It was built downtown a few years ago and is in a great location where we can walk to all the stuff we like to do downtown.

For supper, we went to our favorite place in Memphis, The Side Porch.  It's actually in Bartlett, and they have the best steaks and grilled chicken we've had.  I got a steak with grilled shrimp and Betty got the grilled chicken.  They also have homemade garlic rounds that Betty could've eaten her weight in.

After supper, we went to Barnes & Noble to relax a little bit, look at books, and let Betty get a Caramel Apple Cider drink at the Starbucks there.

Next on the agenda was our FIRST trip to Target.  It was about 8:30 when we got there so Betty asked one of the workers what time they closed and she said midnight.  Betty was excited while I looked for a comfy chair in the snack bar....

Saturday morning, we walked down to Beale Street for breakfast at Miss Polly's.  They have a great little breakfast and we usually get to hear about the previous night's activities on Beale Street by listening to the waitresses' conversations.

After breakfast we enjoyed a couple of cups of hot chocolate from the Starbucks around the corner from the hotel.

After we checked out, we had to make a trip to another Target.

More eating!  This is Neely's BBQ in downtown Memphis.  We were a little hesitant because of the bars on the windows and there weren't many cars in the parking lot.  We decided to go ahead and try it because we'd seen the Neely's on the Food Network and wanted to see how good it was.

I got the ribs and Betty got the humongous pile of BBQ chicken nachos.  The food was pretty good, but the ribs are no where near as good as Hamil's in Madison.  I think we'll need to visit Mama Hamil during the holidays!

We had a great time on our Birthiversary Day trip and we appreciate Nana coming up and keeping the kids for us.  Nana had to go it alone because Grand was sick.  Nana said she asked Matt if he needed to go potty and Matt told her, "No, we need a grown up like Dah to do that."!  Maybe next time we'll get a grown up to help Nana watch the kids!


bettyb said...

We're in the same boat around here as far as birthiversaries: our anniversary is Feb.9th,my birthday is the 14th~which of course is also valentines day (that's why I'm so sweet :-) )
Poor Ward~when we were first married he would never know how to work it all in and had usually exhausted all ideas/gifts at Christmas.He soon figured it out,however I think he has it made because he can get one gift for 3 occasions!! --really not fair when you think about it.HA.I'm so glad y'all had a good time,and David,you are a good sport~especially where Target is concerned!!

bettyb said...

p.s. Ward really liked the new word: birthiversary.I have a feeling I will hear it again!!!