Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas in Eupora

Wednesday night we celebrated Christmas in Eupora with my family.  We usually have Christmas with my family on Christmas day but we moved it up because my Mom and Dad will be leaving Christmas Day to go to El Paso for my Uncle Sam's funeral.  More on that later.

It was really good to get together and talk about Sam a little bit and then just have fun visiting in our silly Cummings way.

Matt and McKenzie slept on the way to Eupora and the only person Matt wanted when we got there was Dah (aka Caleb).

I somehow caught everyone in mid-blink.  It looks like they're asleep, but we're really not that boring!

McKenzie acted as "Santa" passing out the presents.

Cassie getting a gift.

Grand enjoying all the activity.

Betty and Jan waiting for their loot!

Nana made a wonderful meal.  Here we are during dessert.  Andy is telling some story that obviously had an effect on Betty.  Check out her expression!

Chunch lovin' on Bobo.

I think Cassie had too much cake!

Nana and her second favorite son.  :)

Mom's brother, Sam Morrow, was struck and killed by a car Monday night in El Paso.  Sam was a month shy of his 86th birthday and was such a nice and caring man.  We have Morrow reunions every three years and it was always good to see Sam.  Sam was captured by the Germans on his 21st birthday in January of 1945, and spent six months as a prisoner of war.  He was very active in his church in El Paso and sang in their Christmas musical Sunday and then went caroling with a group from the church Sunday night.  He was just a really good man and he will be missed.  Here are a few pictures of Sam from our Morrow reunion last year.

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bettyb said...

--looks like a good time was had by all.I'm just so sorry that plans had to change because of sadness.Betty Ann indeed looked like she was really "into" Andy's story!