Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year and The Search for Max

Happy New Year!  We celebrated the new year by doing what we do best -- EAT!  We tried a new restaurant called Charlie Ray's between Winona and Carrollton. 

Charlie Ray's is a BBQ place that also does steaks, chicken, and burgers.  They also have live music sometimes.  They had a band starting tonight at 8:00.

Betty and the kids all got BBQ sandwiches and I got a 1/2 rack of ribs.  It was fun watching Matt try to get his mouth to open wide enough to eat his sandwich!

The tables were decorated with New Year's hats, beads, and noise makers.  Matt grabbed one and blew it and Betty told him not to do it again.  He thought he was being slick by hiding his eyes and slowly reaching his hand for the noise maker....

Matt wore himself out well before midnight....

We stopped by Marty's on the way home and tested out Justin and Jordan's Rock Band game.  Here's Jordan on the drums and me and McKenzie on vocals doing Eye Of The Tiger.

That might explain the screeching some of you in Grenada heard New Year's Eve.

A while after we got home, Betty noticed that Max was nowhere to be found.  We looked all over the house and called for him outside but no sign of him.  We were a little worried that something had happened to him like Davis and Suzanne were about Max's cousin George not too long ago.  Finally, Betty remembered that I had been in the storage room outside putting stuff in there from the storage building that we rented.  We went out to the storage room and opened it and out came Max fussing at us!  I had been putting stuff in there just before 5:00 and it was just before 11:00 when we found him in there.

Max was quite hungry and quite perturbed with us.  I guess our first New Year's resolution is to not lock our cat in the storage room again!

Happy New Year!!!


bettyb said...

Poor Maxwell. I'm sure George would have much sympathy for him~~ George's parents still aren't sure where he was when he was MIA. I want to sing with the band!!! I love Survivor and would really be good on Eye of the Tiger! :-) I'm sure I would add alot to y'all's band.HA.
Happy New Year.

Marty said...

We need to have a Rock Band party and invite Betty Ward - She can be vocals and everybody can pick an instrument to play!!! I think Buddy will come stay with Maxwell if we do it - He can't take much more of David's Eye of the Tiger!!! We had a blast - come back soon.. m

troy.mitchell said...

Happy New Year!!! So glad Maxwell is okay. We still miss Precious Kitty so much! Love to all, MM

Davis and Suzanne said...

OH MY GOSH!!! MAX!!!!!