Thursday, January 7, 2010

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, ...Oh Forget It!

Winter Storm Warning!  80% chance of accumulating snow!  No work!  No school!  None of that happened.....except the no school part.  McKenzie found out about 7:15 that she didn't have to go to school and called me at work to rub it in.  Thanks, Sweetheart!  Only in the South do we cancel things because "it MIGHT snow".  I went home for lunch and found McKenzie and Matt in the front yard playing in the "snow".  Isn't this the most pitiful sight you've ever seen?

They were excited, though.  At least, we did get to see some snow flakes!


bettyb said...

Y'all got more accumulation at your house than we did. I was so disappointed. I told Betty Ann that I had already planned that I was going to walk ALL THE WAY over to your house to play with y'all in the snow. And right now the sun has nerve to shine! Oh well maybe next time.

Marty said...

Bless their hearts - J&J were so jealous when they found out Bobo was out of school. Poor Jordan raised home from school to get out in the snow just to save Kenny a very small bag of dirty snow!!! Now thats sad..