Thursday, January 21, 2010

The War On Cherrios

We have finally begun potty training in earnest!  The picture to the left is Matt with his Potty Chart.  Matt has had absolutely no interest in using the potty.  That's not entirely true, he has been interested in it, just not interested in HIM doing it himself.  He's been reading about it for about a year.  Matt likes to learn all he can about something before he tries it.  He did the same thing with walking and talking.  Monday he put on his big boy underwear (after a small struggle) and wore them all day.  He did have a couple of accidents - but it was a start.  Tuesday we had success!  Someone suggested we make it fun for him and put Cheerios in the potty for him to shoot at.  We put Cheerios in the potty and Matt starting shooting away!  He really enjoyed that and has been blowing away Cheerios like Luke Skywalker ever since!

I'm just waiting for him to follow in his Daddy's footsteps and announce his potty talents in public.  When I was potty training, I hollered out across the Shoney's restaurant, "Daddy, I tee-teed in the potty!!!".

Here he is with his potty library that we will pass along to Jack.  Hopefully he'll be a quicker study than Matt was.

Thursday night we met Nana and Grand in Winona for supper.  McKenzie wants to learn how to really play the guitar and Nana and Grand gave her a full size guitar for an early birthday present.  Miss Amanda gave her a child-size guitar a few years ago and she has loved it.  I'm going to try to learn how to play it, too, so we will probably drive Betty, Matt and Max crazy.


bettyb said...

One of these years Matt is probably going to want to kill you for publishing his potty training escapades!! It is funny tho,and who knew there were that many books on tee teeing out there??!! I just hope you don't print ALL the stories I've heard so far! Way to go,Matt!! McKenzie, I can't wait to hear you play your first song.I bet it will be soon.

Kellie Berry said...

awesome! like betty said, i'm sure he's going to kill you one day if he ever sees this!