Saturday, January 23, 2010

The War Has Escalated

(Warning: This post contains scenes that may be offensive to some readers.  Reader discretion is advised.)
Matt has added bombs to his arsenal in his war against Cheerios!  He pooped in the potty for the first time Saturday afternoon!  We went to Southaven Saturday to scout out the site of Elizabeth's wedding since I will be taking pictures for her.  We also needed to do a little shopping.  We decided that we would put Matt in a pull-up since we'd be on the road and in stores most of the day.  Matt had other ideas.  He refused to put on a pull-up and said that he wanted to wear his "unawear".  We thought, "Why not?", packed a change of clothes and hoped for the best. 

While Betty and McKenzie were in a store in Southaven, Matt and I were sitting in the car and Matt said, "I need to go tee tee."  I automatically responded, "OK", and then the words finally registered in my brain and I sprung into action.  We hopped out of the car and hurried to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and hoped that the "Beyond" part included a restroom.  It did and Matt did his business (#1, #2 is coming later).  We continued on to Target (of course) and then to supper at our 2nd favorite restaurant, the Side Porch Steakhouse, in Bartlett.

Halfway through my steak, Matt urgently announced, "Oh!  I need to poop!".  Betty gave me a look that said, "This one is yours!".  I snatched him up and we headed to the restroom.  I sat him on the toilet and squatted down to hold his hands because he was afraid he was going to fall in.  I felt like I was back in the delivery room with Betty waiting on Matt to come into the world as I encouraged him through his, umm.... contractions.  He finally had success and I said, "You did it!".  He said, "I did?", and bent over to have a look for himself.  He raised up and exclaimed, "I did it!!!".  On the way back to the table he announced to all of the patrons of the Side Porch, "I pooped in the potty!".  A few minutes later the second wave hit him and we headed back for round 2.  After another success we headed back to the table and again Matt announced to the crowd, "I pooped in the potty AGAIN!!!". 

We promised Matt a reward when he completed his potty training so we told him that we'd go to Toys-R-Us after supper.  McKenzie wanted in on the action and since we had told her that if she learned to tie her shoes we'd get her something, she was looking for something to tie.  I untied my shoe and propped my foot on her chair and she feverishly practiced tying my shoe.  Since she finally had the proper motivation she conquered shoe tying and we finished supper and headed to Toys-R-Us.  McKenzie got a game for her Nintendo DS and Matt got this Thomas the Train track (evil looking cat sold separately).


bettyb said...

--a successful trip all the way around it seems. Matt is going to KILL you in a few years!!!Hopefully the next trick won't be his wanting to check out each and every bathroom that comes his way.Congrats.McKenzie on the shoe tying too!

Margie said...

That is TOO funny!! Tell Matt and Bobo - The Lea's are proud of their weekend accomplishments!!! Now the fun begins when you are on the road and no bathroom in site - Oh the days of potty training!!!
We love yall!!!