Friday, January 29, 2010

Beulah Land

David was not going to share this but I wanted to because I think the three guys did a wonderful job a couple of weeks ago singing "Beulah Land" in church.  It is a favorite of many of our church members (including Granny!).  I know Andy and David's parents will enjoy this, too!  This is our church's wonderful men's trio made up of Andy, David, and Keith Johnson.


bettyb said...

Awesome! --thanks for posting,Betty Ann!

Margie said...

Jordan is watching now!! That is her all time favorite gospel song! She knows every word by heart.
Great Job!!


jordan lea said...

hahahahahah :))))))) i love that song yall did GREAT!!!!!

Susan B said...

I really enjoyed your song.. wonderful.. I had to tease Kellie about looking like she was nodding off.. Loved the bubble gum u tube video of her.. Hilarious.. I'm her mom in law.. Love her to death but it was too funny... I like reading about your sweet family too.