Saturday, January 16, 2010


Upward basketball started Friday night.  We are the Lady Clippers and we have a good little group of girls.  McKenzie didn't score tonight but she did make three really good passes that led to baskets.  This age isn't known for their willingness to share the ball so I was really proud of that!

Here's McKenzie in action on defense.

Matt has his first crush.  There's a girl on McKenzie's team named Annie and she rides with us to practice and Matt went with us one night.  He was immediately taken with Annie.  Annie lives a couple of streets over and Matt asks if we can ride by her house quite often.  I think it's pretty cute but I think Mommy is a little jealous!  Matt was so excited to go see Bobo and Annie play tonight.  He told McKenzie on the way to the game, "Bobo you have to throw the ball to your friends.  You have to throw the ball to Annie."  Here is a picture (although a horrible one) of the lovely Annie.

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bettyb said...

--love the basketball pics.~McKenzie,it sounds like you are a team player,and that is AWESOME. Keep up the good work. Oh,my,Matt is in love??!! Poor Mommy~he is starting early.With those big blue eyes he will be a lady killer for sure.