Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Children's Museum

This weekend we took one last trip to do something fun before school starts.  We went to the Children's Museum of Memphis.

They have lots of fun exhibits and things for kids to play and pretend.
Matt got to "drive" a van.....
...while McKenzie was across the "street" at the bank getting money for the grocery store.
Officer Matty O'Cummings
Here's Matt in the dental exhibit.
The kids loved the grocery store!  This has always been McKenzie's favorite part of the Children's Museum.  Matt enjoyed running the "cash regger".
Playing with the boats and "fishing" in the miniature Mississippi River is Matt's favorite.
This is at the airplane exhibit which features a real jet fuselage and cockpit and this slide.
This is my creation on the word board in the art exhibit.
Ladies and gentlemen, the Wonder Monkey!
After the Children's Museum we went to Barnes and Noble where Matt loves to play with the Thomas train set.
Then this little girl came up and said a couple of things to him and he froze up like a deer in the headlights.
After the book store and a couple of other stores we ate supper at the Side Porch and then went by The Busy Bakery in Bartlett for dessert.  I helped McKenzie with her cupcake and it was delicious!

McKenzie goes Tuesday to find out who her teacher is and then her school starts Thursday.  Matt will be starting preschool on the 9th.  McKenzie will be going to Grenada Upper Elementary this year and this will be Matt's first year of school so both of them are excited and a little nervous.  We've had a great summer and hopefully we'll have a great school year, too!

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bettyb said...

What a neat place! Everything looks fun and very educational~~until I got to the wonder monkey??? David,I'm not too sure about you!!
~can't believe school is about to start: McKenzie,have a great week at school. :-) (inside joke!)